Heartbreak Soldiers is an Amsterdam-based sustainable fashion label, established in 2019.

The brand is created by and for the spirit of the soldiers. A Heartbreak Soldier is someone who fights for (self)love and focuses on making their and our world a better place. We inspire them to do so. You can find your own meaning in our words. Here we see you.

We are two girls who had the ambition to start their own sustainable brand. Sustainable, affordable, street wear was hard to find for us personally. That’s why we created Heartbreak Soldiers, we wanted cool and comfortable pieces for a affordable price, without any guilt. We are a small start-up who only produce small batches, and bring out two small collections a year. We have the aspiration to bring out more pieces, for a more affordable price. For now we do what we can. We can use all the support from you guys!

Our pieces stand for comfort, sustainability and quality and are non-seasonal. The fabric is made from organic cotton or/and recycled polyester and the pieces are screen printed at an environmentally friendly company with biological and degradable ink. Because we care about you, and the world.

Heartbreak Soldiers